Rule 7069-1. Postjudgment; Execution

(a) GENERALLY. If the adversary proceeding has been statistically concluded or terminated, and unless ordered otherwise, further docket entries may be made and relief granted without reopening the proceeding. If a satisfaction of a money judgment is filed, the satisfaction shall be noted in the docket and interested parties may file a certified copy with the clerk of the district court. Minnesota statutes and civil rules apply to the assignment, expiration or enforcement of judgments and related matters to the extent applicable under Federal Rule of Bankruptcy Procedure 7069 incorporating Fed. R. Civil P. 69(a).

(b) EXECUTION. A request for a writ of execution shall be made by application and shall identify the judgment, the amount due on the judgment, the title of the case or proceeding, the file number, and the reason for requesting the execution. Every writ of execution issued by the clerk shall be noted in the docket, delivered by the clerk to the United States Marshal and returned to the clerk within 30 days after the date issued. The attorney for the judgment creditor shall request particular action from the marshal by a separate writing to the marshal.

(c) ALTERNATIVE ENFORCEMENT. Upon request, the clerk shall furnish a certified copy of a judgment to permit filing with the clerk of the district court under Federal Rule of Bankruptcy Procedure 5003(c) or a certification of judgment to permit registration of the judgment with the clerk of district court for another district under 28 U.S.C. §1963 or to enable the judgment creditor to obtain a judgment and enforce the judgment in the courts of Minnesota under the Uniform Enforcement Of Foreign Judgments Act (Minn. Stat. §§548.26548.33).

Fed. R. Bankr. eference 5003(c).