Rule 9019-1. Settlement, Agreed Orders, and Stipulated Relief

(a) GENERALLY. Local Rule 6004-1 applies generally to settlements, except that the trustee in a chapter 7 case may apply for approval of settlement under the limited notice of Local Rule 6004-1(b)(1) regardless of the settlement’s value to the estate.

(b) LIMITED NOTICE – FORM OF PRESENTATION TO COURT. Where limited notice of a settlement or compromise is permitted pursuant to Local Rule 6004-1(b)(1), the settlement or compromise may be approved on application with proposed order under Local Rule 9013-4 and the application may be combined with the notice.

(c) ADVERSARY PROCEEDING SETTLEMENT AFFECTING ESTATE. If Federal Rule of Bankruptcy Procedure 9019 applies to the compromise or settlement of an adversary proceeding, a request for approval of the proposed compromise or settlement shall be made by motion in the bankruptcy case.

(d) STIPULATED RELIEF. If notice to all creditors is not required, the court may order appropriate relief without notice or a hearing if a stipulation is filed which is signed by each entity that would have received notice of the hearing.