Rule 2014-1. Employment of Professional Persons

(a) APPLICATION FOR APPROVAL. Any entity seeking approval of employment of a professional person pursuant to § 327 or § 1103(a) of the Code and Federal Rule of Bankruptcy Procedure 2014 shall file an application, a supporting affidavit or verified statement of the professional person, and a proposed order and transmit these to the United States Trustee, the trustee or examiner, all committees, and in a chapter 11, 12 or 13 case on the debtor’s attorney.

(b) REPORT. Within seven days after receipt of the application, the United States Trustee shall file a report regarding the proposed employment. If the United States Trustee objects to the employment of the applicant, the United States Trustee shall notify the applicant and the applicant shall schedule a hearing on the application and give notice of the hearing to the parties listed in subsection (a) of this rule. An order approving such employment is effective as of the date the application was filed.

(c) SCOPE OF EMPLOYMENT. An entity seeking approval of employment of a professional person for a purpose other than carrying out the entity’s duties under the Code shall make a separate application, specifying the professional’s proposed duties.

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