Rule 9021-1. Judgments and Orders – Entry of

(a) GENERALLY. All orders, decrees, judgments, and proceedings of the court will be filed in accordance with these rules, which will constitute entry on the docket kept by the clerk under Fed.R. Bankr.P. 5003 and 9021. All signed orders will be filed electronically by the court or court personnel. Any order or other court-issued document filed electronically without the original signature of a judge or clerk has the same force and effect as if the judge or clerk had signed a paper copy of the order and it had been entered on the docket in a conventional manner. Orders may also be issued as “text-only” entries on the docket, without an attached document.

(b) FILING AND ENTRY OF JUDGMENTS IN ADVERSARY PROCEEDINGS. Unless dismissed, every adversary proceeding shall be concluded by a separate judgment set forth and entered by the clerk. Immediately upon entry of a judgment to deny or revoke a discharge, to revoke the confirmation of a plan or to subordinate a claim, the clerk shall enter the judgment in the docket of the case; where appropriate, the clerk shall transmit a notice pursuant to Local Rule 2002-4(b) no earlier than twenty-nine days after entry of the judgment, unless the court orders otherwise.

Fed. R. Bank. P. Reference 7054.

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