Rule 4008-1. Reaffirmation

(a) HEARING. If a reaffirmation agreement that was made after the filing of the petition but before entry of the discharge is filed with the clerk under §524(c)(3) of the Code, and if the debtor was not represented by an attorney during the course of negotiating such agreement or if the non-debtor party to the agreement is the debtor’s attorney, the clerk shall schedule a discharge hearing under §524(d) of the Code and give notice of the hearing to the debtor, the attorney for the debtor, the creditor, the trustee and the United States Trustee.

(b) FORM. An agreement to reaffirm a debt in whole or in part shall conform to Local Form 4008-1(a) and shall be accompanied by the cover sheet for reaffirmation agreement (Official Form 427).

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