Some of your most pressing questions are answered and concerns are addressed by our bankruptcy attorneys below. Learn the basic facts about bankruptcy and debt consolidation right in the comfort of your own home or office.

Bankruptcy isn’t what we do, it’s all we do. Each and every day we, your Minnesota bankruptcy lawyers, as well as our support staff, are working on bankruptcy cases. We live and breathe bankruptcy and nothing exists to distract us from your case.

Wes Scott’s Story

Minnesota bankruptcy attorney Wesley Scott grew up in a large family, with lots of love, but little money. His humble background provides him with the understanding and knowledge of what overwhelming debt feels like and gives him the desire to help as many people as he can with their debt problems. Since 1997, Wes has been working with Bill Kain helping clients get their lives back by providing them with the debt relief they need.

Filing Chapter 13 Bankruptcy VS. Debt Consolidation

Wesley W. Scott explains the differences and benefits of filing a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy over doing Debt Consolidation. If you are considering debt consolidation this is a must see video.

4 Ways You Can Resolve a Debt Problem

Wesley W. Scott gives us four options for resolving a debt problem and helps us understand which one is the best solution. Do nothing? Debt consolidation? Bankruptcy? Which is best? Watch and find out.

Life Without Overwhelming Debt: Make it a Reality

Wesley W. Scott understands your situation, and the troubles and stress people face when they get into debt and feel there is no way out. Bankruptcy is a way out, and a way to get your life back. You are not alone, and Kain and Scott are here to help.