How Much Does A MN Bankruptcy Attorney Cost?

When seeking the financial relief that bankruptcy has to offer a lot of Minnesotan Debtors become concerned about the cost. When you’ve already been having a hard time paying your debts in the first place, the thought of having to pay a MN Bankruptcy Attorney fee on top of that can become a little intimidating. However, the good news is that the cost of your Bankruptcy Attorney will be marginal in comparison to the amount of debt that you’re going to get discharged. Forever. Tax free! Nevertheless, it’s still important to understand what could increase or decrease the cost.

How To Keep Your Costs Low

At LifeBack Law Firm, we like to help our clients keep their costs as low as possible. That’s why we have set fees. This way no matter how long it takes us to help get your debt discharged you always pay the same price. As a part of the price you get your own full-time MN Bankruptcy Attorney, help with all of your worksheets, the peace of mind knowing they’ve been filled out thoroughly and accurately, your case filed in days not weeks and an expert to stand by your side and help you throughout the entire Bankruptcy Process.

The Bankruptcy Process can take anywhere from 3-6 months when filing a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. Filing and confirming a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy can take even longer depending upon how quickly we can get an affordable re-payment plan to the Trustee’s office and approved for you. If your plan encounters objections it’ll have to be restructured, resolved and re-submitted again for approval. However, because this is still a part of the Bankruptcy Process, at LifeBack Law Firm we still include this as a part of the set fee.

Provide Everything Your Attorney Needs To KNow

Most MN Bankruptcy cases are fairly routine. However, every once in a while in the event of something unexpected you may be required to pay an additional fee. For example, let’s say you transferred property to a friend or family member within the prohibited time period before you filed and did not report it on your Bankruptcy Petition. If the Bankruptcy Court finds out about it you might need additional legal assistance or you could potential be fined.

However, don’t be alarmed. During your initial Bankruptcy Consultation our MN Bankruptcy Attorney will make sure to discuss any recent property sales and/or transfers with you in order to prevent the Bankruptcy Court from using them against you. It is important that during your initial consultation you disclose any of these types of transactions because it is possible for the court to find out about them. In fact, they’re going to specifically look for them. If they find out about one that is not listed on your petition it’ll complicate your case and can add to your cost.

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The cost to file bankruptcy can be intimidating at first but it varies from attorney to attorney and the exact cost depends on your case. To learn more sign up for a free, no-obligation bankruptcy consultation today by contacting one of our numerous Minnesota Offices.

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