Our Minnesota Bankruptcy team is here to help you through the bankruptcy process, assist our attorneys and keep all of our behind-the-scenes activities running smoothly and on schedule. Like the bankruptcy attorneys, the bankruptcy team are given continued employment and pay raises on how well they treat clients- not production. They are scored on professionalism, kindness, helpfulness, and how well they deliver exceptional customer service.

Samantha Googins
Legal Assistant - Email Me
Helping people has always been very important to me. That's why I enjoy working at Life Back Law Firm because I get the opportunity to not only help several people but also make a significant difference in their lives!
Julie Sypnieski
Legal Assistant - Email Me
I love working at Life Back Law Firm because of the staff. Everyone here truly works as a team to help our clients and everybody loves their job! I have worked in several offices over the years and none of them compares to this one.
Tim Torreson
Guest Experience Specialist - Email Me
My name is Tim and I am the Guest Experience Specialist here at Life Back Law Firm. I’ve always enjoyed helping others and it makes me proud to work for a company dedicated to helping people in some of their hardest times.
Jane Kedrowski
Lead Accountant - Email Me
As lead accountant, I oversee accounting functions for Life Back Law Firm. Although most of my duties are behind the scenes, I also help customers devise their payment plans. Clients have already been through the bankruptcy process with our staff at this point, my conversations usually end with them saying “You guys have been great to work with!”
Gina Strait
Credit Repair Specialist - Email Me
I love working at Life Back Law Firm because I have always enjoyed helping others, through good and bad times! The staff at Life Back Law Firm are wonderful, and I am glad I have such an amazing team to work with!
Sheryl Myers-McGuigan
I am so grateful to be a part of the Life Back Law Firm Team. Every day I see the dedication each one of us puts into our work and it is such a breath of fresh air to come in and see everyone truly enjoying what they do.
Danielle Stanard
I came to Life Back Law Firm looking for a job where I could positively impact the lives of others, and I am so lucky to have found a role where I get to do that every single day.
Ashley Palmer
Hello! My name is Ashley, I am the first person you will see here in the Eagan office. I am here to help connect you to all the wonderful people that we have here at Life Back Law Firm.
McKaylin Grimsley
Saint Cloud - Email Me
I love working at the front desk in our St. Cloud office and being able to interact with so many of our clients. Welcoming people in and helping them feel comfortable every step of the way is such a great feeling! I am absolutely elated to be a part of a team that is truly […]
Breanna Wiese
As intake specialist, I’m usually the first person that clients get to speak to when reaching out to LifeBack Law Firm. It’s my job to help get people connected with our caring attorneys to get the information and help that they need. I love that this means I often get to be someone’s first step […]
Arianna Pongmany
Director of First Impressions, Maple Grove - Email Me
Hello! My name is Arianna, and I am the first face you will see down here in the Maple Grove office! Being a Director of First Impressions, means I get to welcome and serve anyone who first steps into our office or calls over the phone, in any best way that I can. I am […]
Sauda Ibrahim
Legal Assistant in Eden Prairie - Email Me
As a legal assistant, my job is to help you take the next steps to overcome debt & get your life back. I enjoy working with clients and meeting people from all walks of life and different backgrounds.
Caroline Utz
Director of First Impressions in Brainerd - Email Me
Two words that people use to describe me is kind, and caring. I am an extremely passionate person, who loves nothing more than helping others, no matter what. That is something I believe that everyone deserves in life.
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