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Why I Became a MN Bankruptcy Attorney

In law school, my evidence professor gave me the best advice. He told me to be grateful. He said, people do not have to do things for you, they choose to do things for you. Solving problems and helping people, that is what lawyers do, and I am so grateful that clients allow me the opportunity to help them. As a bankruptcy lawyer, I get to show individuals that getting a new financial start is not impossible. I get to give people confidence every day that life can be can better. What may be insurmountable today, can be managed.

I really hate to admit how old I am, but I grew up in the eighties, on a farm in East Central Minnesota. And on a farm, everyone works. My parents said, hard work would build character, and now I am full to capacity in the character department. But the eighties were a difficult time for family farms. It was a heartbreaking time for the entire community. There were many factors that lead to the farm crisis in the eighties: there was a trade embargo, a surplus of farm commodities, and the Federal Reserve polices caused farm values to plummet. Some farmers lost everything: their homes, their livelihoods, and their self-worth. It was completely devastating for some, but others seemed to weather the storm more gracefully. Looking back now, I see the group that sought professional guidance were able to get the help they needed to avoid losing everything. They filed bankruptcy, but in the end they were able to save their homes.

Henry Ford, who has filed bankruptcy himself, has said, “Don’t find fault, find a remedy.” I am grateful to be part of the remedy. I am grateful for the trust of my clients. And I am grateful that I get to be a Bankruptcy lawyer.

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