Why do some MN BK law firms invest so little in people and spaces?

I have had clients tell me they met with a lawyer in a pole bard and I have had people tell me they met with a lawyer in his home. That is just creepy and weird and definitely unprofessional. I have seen other spaces that were empty shells with a desk and a few chairs where it felt like you were meeting with a “consultant” not a lawyer from a law firm. Other spaces were straight from the 1970’s. At Kain & Scott, all our 9 locations are professional. Most of them have client lounges equipped with free beverages and snack bars. At Kain & Scott, we pay our employees well and they are graded on how well they treat clients and their co-workers. That makes a huge difference and makes for a better and happier team to serve you. Don’t settle for less, demand the most professional people and spaces. Demand the Kain & Scott standard. You will be glad you did. Wes

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