Student loan debt is a national disgrace

How much does school cost? How much can you borrow? Have you ever felt that way? You should’nt have to mortgage your life to get an education. What can you do with student loan debt in bankruptcy? Not much. Student loans are not dischargeable in bankruptcy UNLESS you hire a lawyer and prove to a bankruptcy judge that repaying the student loan debt would cause you and your family an undue hardship.

Well, if you have to make the first investment and take the first risk, it is little wonder these lawsuits are so few and student loan debt remains. My first question to anyone with student loan debt is this: is the school you went to still around? If not, there may be government help for you to get rid of the student loan.

At Kain & Scott we are pressing our representatives to make student loan debt at least a priority debt that would get paid first in a bankruptcy. You would not believe the silence on this issue. Call your legislators and demand action!

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