Chris D. Anderson

Chris D. Anderson

Bankruptcy Attorney
Office Location: Eden Prairie

Why I Became a Minnesota Bankruptcy Attorney

Coming from a family of limited means, I have witnessed the effects of financial distress first-hand. I am happy to be part of a law firm focused on helping people get their life back from financial trouble by providing exceptional customer service with kindness and professionalism.
Every person’s situation is different, but one thing that every person deserves is to be treated with kindness. Everyone has a story to tell, and one of the nicest things I can do for a person is to listen to them. Listening to my clients’ stories allows me to acknowledge and honor the range of emotions they may be feeling, understand why they are seeking help, and give them the best possible advice to help them get their life back from financial difficulties.
Also, rather than thinking of bankruptcy as a sign of defeat or failure, I like to think of bankruptcy as a path to a new beginning. There is no question that the stress of financial troubles can sometimes cloud our outlook on life, making it difficult to see anything but financial troubles. By filing for bankruptcy, we can help you navigate your financial troubles to a brighter future.